“Nerseh Douglas is a truly excellent trainer. I have being training with Nerseh for more than a year now. She is a skilled, thoughtful and sensible trainer, and is the perfect combination of tough and warm. She works with the whole person, mentally, physically and emotionally.

The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Nerseh’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting.

Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle.”

- Aura Pacheco

“Training with Nerseh was the best decision I made for fitness. Nerseh has a passion for fitness and a wealth of knowledge she so willingly passes on through her diverse and intense sessions. Every week is as exciting as it is challenging. If you have a fitness goal in mind, Nerseh will get you there and with a smile on your face.”

- Hilary Commane

“Nerseh is the real deal when it comes to fitness and personal training.  She has this undeniable ability to motivate you, set goals and push you to your limit.  I’ve really enjoyed working with Nerseh over the last year, and I’m a tough cookie to motivate.  Time goes by fast with Nerseh because no session is the same, you are constantly moving and she makes it fun and not overwhelming.  Once you hit the showers you know you’ve got nothing left in you to give and not once did Nerseh allow you to slack.  Over the last year, Nerseh has become a great friend and I’ll seriously miss our sessions together.”

- Phillipa Souza

“Don’t let Nerseh’s little frame and bubbly personality fool you. She is an extraordinary trainer. She is firm, yet loving. She is able to push you beyond your comfort zone while still smiling.  She is a great motivator!!. In addition to her knowledge as a personal trainer her nutrition and meal planning knowledge is top rate.  If you follow the plan and stick with her during the workouts, you will see results. Nerseh has been so much more than a personal trainer, she is a friend.  After the first month I had lost 9 inches. Pure excitement!”

- Elrita 

“Nerseh has been the most effective, knowledgeable and motivating trainer that I have ever worked with or witnessed. I am fortunate to work in the high performance sports industry and Nerseh’s energy and quest to ensure that I continue to meet my goals matches the intelligence, experience and practical application skills of world class operators. Additionally, Nerseh has a great personality and character and somehow makes each session, as hard as they are, something to always look forward to.  England’s gain is Bermuda’s loss.”

- Neil Speight, Bermuda Cricket Board

“A friend, a running buddy, my personal trainer and whole lot more that cannot be expressed in just a few sentences.  When we look at you, we say that is the kind of body a female should have, a good balance of fitness and feminine beauty.

As my personal trainer, I have enjoyed each and every session. You have pushed me to work hard, understood my weakness and worked to make me stronger. You have always introduced a variety of new exercises to keep my sessions exciting and of course challenging.  We trained together for the Virginia Beach Marathon which was an awesome experience. We flew together and shared the hotel too.

With your knowledge of personal training you have been able to advise me on core strength required for running and proper form.  After each workout you have given me a proper stretch. As a friend, a trainer, and a runner (a much faster runner than me), you have run a half marathon with me and pushed me hard and we finished it together.  I’ve had a great experience training with you. I think you understand your clients needs.  You know you are a lot more to me than just my personal trainer.”

- Sangeeta Wagh

“I had my doubts about personal trainers and their ability to help me reach my weight loss goal, maintain the weight loss and increasing my overall physical health more than I could on my own. Nerseh shattered my doubts.  Working with Nerseh has inspired me to be the healthiest person I can, she helps me to perform at the optimal level for my body at each stage of our progress and constantly helps me look to be the healthiest me possible. Nerseh is always up-to-date on what exercises will help you achieve the desired results, her bag of tricks seems endless, and ultimately her passion and love for fitness is contagious.”

- Marina O’Shea

“Making the decision to train with Nerseh will be one of the best decisions you make!  
I met Nerseh whilst living in Bermuda and she trained me for well over a year.  Right from the word go Nerseh went that extra mile, from a personal meeting to analysing my food diary and really listening to my needs.

As I already did a lot of exercise the challenge for her was to devise exercises that would give results.  I can honestly say I saw those results within a few short weeks, shedding body fat, reshaping thighs and the best core I’ve ever had!  Nerseh mixes it up, so no session is ever the same.  She makes sure your form is spot on (not a single injury while training) and she always has a smile on her face and works you hard.  My biggest regret – I didn’t meet her sooner!

We both left Bermuda to persue new beginnings. She is so much more than just a trainer, she really cares and has become a lifetime friend. Even now between France and the UK we keep in touch and she keeps me motivated to exercise.  Having used many personal trainers over the years I can honestly say that Nerseh is the best!  She will encourage you, motivate you, make you answerable and deliver the results you are looking for and at the same time you will eat well and have loads of energy, not to mention your increased self esteem.  Go for it – I’m so glad I did!”

- Sue Warwicker

“I would highly recommend Nerseh as a Personal Trainer.  I trained with Nerseh for over a year and the improvement I saw was incredible.  My main sporting activity is running and through Nerseh I increased not only strength and stamina but also very good core strength, which is a very important aspect of running.  Her work outs were always varied and pushed me to limit I thought was beyond me.  Nerseh’s enthusiasm, knowledge and nutritional guidance, I believe helped to improve my performance and I am very thankful to her.”

- Sharon Craig