Sushi from the beginning….

Last night I attended a sushi makingĀ  masterclass @buddhabarlondon. It was AMAZING! I love sushi and always thought that it would be way too complicated and difficult to make but head chef Rey Sabinosa proved me wrong!
The evening started with an introduction to sushi pairing with Sake. We sampled 4 different types and were told the differences in flavour which are down to the polishing of the rice grains.

We were then shown how to make the famous Buddha Bar roll, rolled in cucumber and filled with salmon, tuna, avocado and shrimp – DELICIOUS!!!

We then all had a go at making our own rolls! Very fun and a lot easier than I thought!

I also learnt that you are only supposed to dip the fish in the soy sauce NOT the rice!
And the Ginger is to cleanse the palate in between the different pieces of sushi and not to have with the actual sushi!

Also, the wasabi is supposed to be used as an condiment and a little placed on the fish and not dissolved in the soy sauce!

At the end of the evening we headed up to the bar and sampled a few favorites from @buddhabarlondon

I would highly recommend the master class, especially with a group of friends. A very fun and informative evening.

Sushi is a great healthy meal and the combination of the healthy fish, good fats from avocados and vitamins from the seaweed and cucumber makes it a great post workout fuel.

You can go for cucumber rolls if you are having a low carb day or opt for brown rice for a post workout meal.

I’m going to go and purchase a kit today and enjoy making one of my favorite meals!

Let me know if you get a chance to attend a master class.
Happy sushi making! :)

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