Skype Personal Training

As a Mobile Personal Trainer I can come to your home or workplace to train you, but I’m also able to offer LIVE Personal Training sessions through a video-link such as Skype or FaceTime.

The top 3 benefits of FaceTime or Skype Personal Training are:

  • Train in your own home, workplace, hotel or anywhere in the world!
  • You no longer need to take gaps in your training programme when you have to travel with work.
  • Have multiple links at once and therefore split the cost of the Personal Training sessions with friends.

This now means instead of flicking through endless amounts of YouTube videos trying to find the right exercises for you, you can now have your own expert Personal Trainer wherever you are in the world just a click away. I will be coaching you through specific exercises tailored to your needs, along with the most effective exercise methods that will get you achieving your goals fast and effectively.


The Personal Trainer Skype / FaceTime Packages:

1. The Travel Package
If you find yourself travelling a lot with your work or you are unable to have one to one Personal Training sessions in your own home, this package is what you need. ALL the Personal Training sessions will be via SKYPE or FACETIME at the times that suit you best. All you need is SKYPE (Free Download) or FACETIME (Read more).

2. Home & Away
This package is for a mix of one to one sessions with a Personal Trainer at your home and one to one sessions with a Personal Trainer on SKYPE or FACETIME. You choose the amount of Personal Training sessions you would like online and how many you would like one to one in your own home.

3. With Friends
Get in shape with your friends and save money at the same time by splitting the cost. With the use of SKYPE, multi-video streaming is possible and therefore more than one person can train at once.

4. Consultations and programs
Can’t commit to specific times with a hectic schedule which is forever changing?? Fear not! We can have a live consultation to discuss your needs and goals at a time that suits you, following the consultation you will be sent programs with exercises that have already been demonstrated to you during your consultation so you know the correct techniques. You are then able to perform the programs when ever suits you during the week. We then meet live the following week and discuss your weeks programs and meal plans and go through the new programs for the new week.

This way you stay motivated as you have to report back but you also have the freedom of working out at a time that suits you best.

GREAT TIP: To make the experience even better, why not connect your laptop/mac to the TV by using a RGB or HDMI cable, Apple TV or another device.

Give it a go and see the benefits for yourself. Call me on 07951 482189 or e-mail for your FREE non obligatory consultation NOW!