Contact me for your FREE consultation and for prices of the latest Personal Training and nutritional packages available. All the programs can be carried out in the comfort of your own home, place of work or local park as well. If you are really short of time we can have Skype sessions!
The possibilities are endless, so no matter how little time you have I will have something to fit in with your busy lifestyle.

The packages available are:

21 day detox: This is a 21 day program which will guarantee to loose inches super FAST! It will include a very strict eating plan and programs for you to do at home as well as sessions with me. This is the quickest way to loose inches FAST and KEEP them off!!!

6 weeks to bikini ready: By the end of this program you will be more than ready to show off your amazingly trim figure in your bikini. A sustainable meal plan along side an exercise program and one on ones with me will get you the in just 6 weeks!

12 week body transformation: perfect for those new to exercise or those that have just taken a little break from fitness! This program will gently ease you into fitness and be designed around your individual goals. It will include an easy to follow nutritional plan following a nutritional consultation as well as easy at home exercises you can do yourself and one on one sessions with me.

Prenatal fitness: No matter what stage of your pregnancy you are at, I can help you prepare for the big day by keeping you active and strengthening the body to help keep you as comfortable and mobile as possible throughout your pregnancy resulting in a much easier delivery.

Postnatal inch loss program: Your little bundle of joy is here but the extra pounds seem to be too! Fear not, I will help you loose those pounds FAST. Using bespoke exercise programs that fit your new lifestyle and realistic meal plans that your whole family will enjoy, you will soon be in your pre pregnancy clothes.

Couch to 5k: An existing runner or not I will get you there! It just takes 5 weeks and you will be 5K ready! I will be coach you through it and become your running buddy to keep you motivated!

Marathon ready: whether it’s your 1st or you just want to improve your time, I will help you meet your goal using tailored exercise and nutritional plans that have been tried and tested and guaranteed to deliver!

I also offer one on one or small group training as well as nutritional consultations and postural assessments.

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