Fitness - Nerseh Douglas Female Personal Trainer

Nerseh Douglas Level 3 Qualified Female Personal Trainer

I am a level 3 qualified female Personal Trainer and am registered with the Register of Exercise Professional (REPs). I am a mobile Personal Trainer based in St Albans, Hertfordshire and cover the West Herts Region. Being a mobile Personal Trainer means that I am able to bring the gym to you! Fitness really couldn’t get any easier!

Being in the industry has allowed me to specialize in various aspects of fitness:

Running and Marathon Training: I’m a keen runner and have completed many events ranging from full marathons to 5Ks and have helped many clients achieve the same. Running is a great way to increase your fitness no matter what level you are at to start, you will find the fitness benefits very rewarding.

Pregnancy Fitness and Post Natal Fitness: I have a diploma in pre and post natal fitness too, so will be able to help you from start to end and get the stubborn baby pounds off after your little one has arrived. You will regain your fitness before you know it with the help of my tailor made programs which will be in line with your goals and time restrictions as a new Mum.

Nutrition Counseling: No training is complete without the correct nutrition. I have a diploma in nutrition for weight loss and nutrition for performance and with my passion and experience in this field will be able to get you on the right tracks what ever your fitness goals maybe. Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, so for optimal results, I will combine a tailor made nutritional program as well as a tailor made fitness program to get you to your health and fitness goals in the shortest time. This method ensures the results last a lifetime and not just a season.

Postural Assessment: Correct posture can ensure you remain safe and injury free as well as taking  pounds off!  Book an assessment and walk taller and look slimmer instantly.