Meet Nerseh

Meet Nerseh Douglas

Nerseh Douglas – Personal Trainer

First thing’s first: I love my job!  Being a female personal trainer it’s not just my job, but my hobby, passion and a major part of my life.

From a very young age, I’ve loved being active and keeping fit and partaking in events which challenge me both mentally and physically.

I’ve been involved in the fitness industry since I was 16 and carry a wealth of knowledge and experience as result of my perseverance to improve, excel and keep up to date with a forever evolving industry.

I gained my qualification with one of the most well reputed fitness organisations in the UK, Premier Global. All qualifications are nationally accredited and are fully recognised by employers within the industry and the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Four years ago, my husband and I decided to move from London to Bermuda to experience a different lifestyle. Bermuda is a beautiful island with amazing beaches and a climate which allows year-round outdoor training, a true joy for a personal trainer! I was selected to be a trainer on Bermuda’s Biggest Loser (100 Day Challenge), which was aired on national television.  I returned to the UK two years ago after a fabulous 4 years away, equipped with even more skills and motivated to share them with those wanting to train with a Personal Trainer in St. Albans and the surrounding area.

Although I am very active and fit for the most part, I too have had times in my life when I have fallen off the fitness wagon (who hasn’t?), but what I’ve learned is that my life is one hundred per cent better when I’m active.  This is what I would love to prove to you – no matter what your fitness level, age, stage, lifestyle or however busy your life is, I know that the minute you make a commitment to fitness, you will be happier and healthier for it, and there will be no turning back!

Whatever the reason for your exercise rut and consequential body blues, my role is to reintroduce you to a fitter, more functional and happier you.  So why not contact me and arrange for your free consultation to discuss how I can help you achieve your fitness goals, what ever they maybe!